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Welcome to Lumencore lighting

Lumencore lighting is a professional lighting Company driven by group of lighting professionals providing services for every Illumination applications in Indoor lighting, Outdoor lighting, Landscape lighting and Industrial lighting for Residences, Hotels, Restaurants, Retail showrooms, Shopping malls, Offices, Temples and Manufacturing facilities etc., with the best and latest innovative energy efficient eco friendly LED Products and Control systems.

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LED Lighting

We provide excellent and vibrant LED lighing for your Indoor and outdoor Requirements.

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Solar Lighting

We have excellent manpower who can install solar polar plants of capacity which ranges from 1KW solar hybrid systems.

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Home Automation

Home automation is the residential extension of building automation. It is automation of the home, housework or household activity.

Our Services

Team and technicians at Lumencore offers a quality customer service as assisting in designing, customized modifications or fabrications of products according to applications needed by specifiers and customers to ensure that the final installation of our products and systems realize the design intent. We are well known as an expert integrator of architectural and interior lighting and control systems assisting our clients from the initial concept, though design and construction to the final experience.

Lighting consultancy and designing work can be done for small and medium projects.


We provide world class quality light fixtures and components to our customers which has garanteed for a period of time.


We wish you to know that we can provide designing work for your premises to achieve best light out put.


We source the very best light fixtures, accessories and components from various parts of the lighting world.mostly european brands.


We give live demo of light fixtures at customers project sites. we will follow up with our customers to provide after sales service after project executed.


We have catered our services to a wide range of projects.


Interior Lights

Track Lights

Landscape Lights

Industrial Lights

Decorative Lights

LED Strip Lights


LED Spot Light

Deep Recessed LED

LED Down Light

LED Wall Washer

LED Down Light - Square

LED Track Light

LED Track Spot

LED Track Light

Outdoor Wall Light

LED Bollard 1

LED Bollard 2

LED Gate Light

LED Spike Light

LED Profile Lights for Retail

Profile Lights - ORIEL

Profile Lights - ARC

Profile Lights - CRISTA

Profile Lights - NOOK

Profile Lights - CARONA

Profile Lights - CABI-LITE

Profile Lights - CABEX

Profile Lights - GLASSET

Profile Lights - GROOVY

Profile Lights - SLIM45

LED Profile Lights for Office

Office Lights - TUB

Office Lights - VESSEL

Office Lights - HELIOS

Office Lights - TUBEX

Office Lights - APOLLO

Office Lights - TOP3567

Office Lights - TOP5070

Office Lights - TOP5064

Office Lights - FOOTER

LED Profile Lights for Cove Lighting

Cove Lighting - MASTER

Cove Lighting - NEPTUNE

Cove Lighting - ART

Cove Lighting - SLIDER

Cove Lighting - DECOR

Cove Lighting - TOP1828

Cove Lighting - ELITE

Cove Lighting - NANO

Cove Lighting - BATON

Cove Lighting - EDGE

Home Automation Products










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